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Alcast Permanent Mold Aluminum Foundry Aluminum Casting Processes

Today's engineering landscape dictates that a manufacturer be diverse in its offerings to its customers. Not one aluminum casting process will suite every job. Because of this Alcast Company offers a variety of casting methods to suit the ever changing customer needs. The diversification in our offerings allows Alcast to handle any level of complexity along with any size project. Our Permanent Mold aluminum foundry is a testament to that business model. Alcast offers three permanent mold casting processes that produce less than 1% scrap rate on raw castings to our customers. Also to further meet our customers needs Aluminum Castings Company, an aluminum sand casting foundry and Alcast Company Midwest Works LLC (formaly FALCO), and permanent mold & sand foundry are now subsidiaries of Alcast Company

Electromagnetic, Bottom Fill, Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting

Our proprietary ELECTRO-MAGNETIC, bottom fill, permanent mold aluminum casting process can ONLY be found at the Alcast Company aluminum foundry. The process offers the option of a tranquil delivery system that produces structurally sound, virtually no porosity, high quality aluminum castings.

Semi Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting

With an on site core manufacturing facility, our ELECTRO-MAGNETIC, bottom fill, semi permanent mold aluminum casting process is well suited for parts with complex geometry that incorporates undercuts and hollows into the part's design.

Tilt Pour Aluminum Casting

The innovative tilt pour machines designed and build by Alcast are used in a more traditional permanent mold production manner allowing for customers to design aluminum castings based on legacy projects.

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