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Large Capacity Spin Blaster for Large Aluminum Castings

lagre capacity aluminum casting steel shot spin blaster

The Newest Addition to our permanent mold aluminum foundry is this large capacity 36" x 72" steel shot spin blaster. This new spin blaster will enable us to not only shot blast larger aluminum castings, but also the more delicate aluminum castings too. Some castings, such as our lone wolf tree stand castings could be damaged or dinged from tumbling around with other castings in our tumble blasters, making this blaster the perfect solution for many aluminum castings! Our aluminum foundry is producing more and more large aluminum castings on our tall, heavy duty permanent mold aluminum casting machines and this blaster will allow us to more efficiently blast these large aluminum castings.

The steel shot blasting process creates an attractive and uniform matte finish on the aluminum castings, and can also take care of minor flash, parting lines, etc.

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