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Alcast Company Becomes EPA's Newest ENERGY STAR® Industrial Partner!

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The US EPA recently welcomed our permanent mold aluminum foundry as its newest ENERGY STAR Industrial Partner. As a result Alcast Company will now be working with the US EPA and ENERGY STAR program with a Focus on Energy Efficiency in Aluminum Casting.

The EPA's ENERGY STAR Focus on Energy Efficiency in Aluminum Casting is a new initiative that will help aluminum casters of all sizes build solid energy management programs that save energy and money. Alcast Company joins ENERGY STAR as a Partner, and makes a fundamental commitment to protect the environment through the continuous improvement of our energy performance. We believe that an organization-wide energy management approach will help us enhance our financial health and aid in preserving the environment for future generations.

Our Assistant Facilities Manager, Zach Bell, has stepped forward and is now our new Energy Manager. Zach Bell and Alcast Company will be working with the ENERGY STAR program as an ENERGY STAR Partner in order to enhance our energy management efforts. The program will be a good fit for our company as we always strive to produce high quality permanent mold aluminum castings, and in doing such we also strive to maintain our equipment quite well.

Not only has the ENERGY STAR program opened our eyes to see ways were we can be more energy efficient, but we can also see potential to improve our company through the process. This program can help make our maintenance program better and possibly increase production or make production more efficient. Alcast Company will also have a better hold on where our energy costs are going allowing us to quote new aluminum castings and jobs more effectively. As a result of early investigations we are already finding savings that will make us an even more competitive permanent mold aluminum foundry.

In a letter to our President, Steve Wessels, the EPA's Director of Industrial Sector Partnerships, Elizabeth Dutrow, said "Your decision is an excellent example of how government and industry can work together in a voluntary manner to promote energy efficiency as a smart business strategy and to show exceptional environmental leadership."

Alcast Company looks forward to our partnership with ENERGY STAR!

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