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Manufacturer of Cast Aluminum Motorcycle and Recreational Vehicle Brake Calipers

Alcast currently manufactures many high quality single, dual, and triple piston cast aluminum brake calipers for many markets. Below are examples of aluminum castings manufactured for a popular motorcycle brand and other recreational vehicles. The two left motorcycle brake calipers are semi permanent mold aluminum castings because they use our shell sand cores to create the pocket for the brake pads and also rough bores for the two pistons. The lower right brake caliper casting is simple permanent mold casting, while the final two recreational vehicle brake caliper castings use steel slide cores to manufacture the piston bores which are operated by pneumatic cylinders. The steel cores are extended before the aluminum is pumped into the mold, and retracted before the aluminum castings are ejected from the mold.

manufacture ofcast aluminum motorcycle and recreationa vehicle brake calipers

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