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Permanent Mold Casting Machine Built for Larger Aluminum Castings

tall permanent mold aluminum casting machine

Demand for Larger Aluminum Castings

In the 1980's Alcast began to see an increased need for high quality torque converter aluminum castings. At this time we began to develope and perfect our proprietary low pressure bottom fill electro magnetic permanent / semi permanent mold aluminum casting process. Over the years our aluminum foundry has kept up with customer demands for larger, heavier, and more complex aluminum castings and permanent molds by increasing the stroke of our classic machine design as we built them.

In the 2000's we seen an ever more increasing demand for larger and heavier aluminum castings and molds so we designed our first heavy duty version of our classic permanent mold aluminum casting machine. This new heavy duty version features heavier construction, a larger physical size, along with a much larger and more powerful hydraulic system to be able to lift heavier molds, eject larger aluminum castings, and provide more closing force to the permanent mold. Our permanent mold aluminum foundry now contains 4 of these heavy duty aluminum casting machines with plans of adding at least 2 additional heavy duty permanent mold casting machines in the future.

tall permanent mold machines

In 2012 we seen such a great demand for high quality large aluminum castings that we designed a new tall version of our heavy duty permanent mold aluminum casting equipment! We were seeing new customers who needed to convert their large sand castings into higher quality large permanent mold aluminum castings, along with existing permanent mold aluminum castings that had quality issues at other foundries. We are currently manufacturing large aluminum castings up to 220 pounds, 41 inches in diameter, and 18 inches tall in our permanent mold aluminum foundry with our newest tall casting equipment design. You can easily see the height difference between the tall and heavy duty versions in this picture.

Alcast is able to keep up with the changes, growth, and demands of the high quality permanent mold aluminum casting business for several reasons. First and foremost all our casting equipment in our permanent mold aluminum foundry, along with our upright core machines are designed and built in house by our employees. This allows us to build the exact machines to fit our needs and not purchase a machine that will merely meet our needs, while also keeping costs down. We can also make a quick turn around when designing and building equipment as we have a highly skilled team of engineers to design the equipment for our aluminum foundry, along with a very highly skilled maintenance department to build and maintain the equipment. Also our proprietary low pressure bottom fill electro magnetic permanent / semi permanent mold aluminum casting process is extremely flexible and lends itself extremely well to high quality permanent mold aluminum castings of all sizes, that require pressure tight features such as hydraulic components, brake calipers, torque converter components, etc.

If you would like to have Alcast Company quote large aluminum castings for you feel free to send us an RFQ or Contact Us with any questions you may have. Our aluminum foundry WILL meet your needs for high quality permanent mold aluminum castings! We can provide you with small or large aluminum casting, light weight or heavy weight, complex or simple, along with both low and high volume permanent mold aluminum castings!

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