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Made in the USA Tilt Poured Lone Wolf Cast A356 Aluminum Tree Stand Platforms

tilt pour machine for lone wolf tree stands

On December 22nd the Alcast Company aluminum foundry produced our first USA made Lone Wolf cast A356 aluminum tree stand platform on one of our permanent mold tilt pour machines. Lone Wolf has recently pulled all aluminum casting production back to the USA and we have been chosen as their exclusive aluminum casting supplier.

While these permanent mold tilt poured A356 aluminum castings are very challenging, the Alcast team poured the first aluminum castings using our permanent mold tilt pour process in less than 6 weeks from being awarded the Lone Wolf business. This short timing was necessary to be sure Lone Wolf could debut their innovative new tree stand platform designs at the Archery Trade Association Show January 6th, 2011, and is another example of how Alcast Company will always work to meet its customers expectations!

lone wolf tree stand casting

Our tilt pour permanent mold A356 aluminum casting process combined with the Lone Wolf design will provide hunters an additional level of quality and security not found in any other tree stand.

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