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Large Machined Aluminum No Bake, or Air Set Blower Housing Sand Casting

This large aluminum casting is a blower housing that is manufactured in the aluminum sand foundry of our affiliate Aluminum Castings Corp. using a no bake, or air set sand mold. The cast aluminum blower housing is then brought to the Alcast Company aluminum foundry to be heat treated and machined in our machine shop.

In the last few years demand for large aluminum castings has been increasing and our aluminum foundry has responded by building heavy duty and tall versions of our electro magnetic low pressure permanent mold aluminum casting machines. Aluminum Castings Corp, can also produce large no bake, or air set sand molds up to 12 feet in length and up to 4 tons in weight with pouring weights vary from 25 to 400 pounds! Many of these large aluminum castings can then be heat treated and machined at our facilities, such as the aluminum blower casting below, to provide our customers with high quality large aluminum castings, from both permanent molds and sand molds.

large machined aluminum air set, or no bake sand blower housing casting

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