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Light Weight Aluminum Motorcycle Brake Caliper Castings

Our aluminum foundry produces many single, dual, triple, and quadruple piston light weight cast aluminum motorcycle brake calipers with our permanent mold aluminum casting process for both the front and rear of the motorcycle. Our aluminum brake caliper castings are made in the USA to an extremely high quality to ensure they are porosity and leak free!

Light Weight cast aluminum brake calipers offer a substantial weight savings versus cast iron calipers, which can be very important for today's high performance and fuel efficient motorcycles. Plus many of the brake calipers we produce in our aluminum foundry are chrome plated and we are told by our customers that our aluminum casting integrity and smooth surface finish allows them to “single pass” chrome plate, allowing them to avoid a costly second dipping into nickel. Our smooth surface finish also offers another advantage when our aluminum castings are polished.

light weight aluminum motorcycle brake caliper castings

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