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Aluminum Casting Spotlight

aluminum brake caliper casting

6 Piston Cast Aluminum Brake Calipers

The newest Alcast Company ELECTRO-MAGNETIC permanent mold aluminum castings to be in the spotlight are these high quality 6 piston brake caliper halves

These aluminum castings are the outside halves of a 6 piston brake caliper for a trike from a popular motorcycle manufacturer. Our high quality aluminum foundry manufactures these brake caliper castings with our ELECTRO-MAGNETIC permanent mold casting process which produces a very nice surface finish perfect for painting or powder coating.

After casting these brake calipers in our aluminum foundry we heat treat the castings and then shot blast the calipers, which is one of our internal value added services. The shot blasting process creates an uniform surface perfect for painting or powder coating, but our fine surface finish also lends itself well to polishing and chrome plating!

Compared to cast iron castings our cast aluminum brake calipers and brake components are much lighter, which can be very important on today's high performance or fuel efficient vehicles where every pound counts! Cast aluminum usually provides a cost advantaged to billet aluminum brake calipers too.

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