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Automotive, Motorcycle & Bicycle Brake Caliper and Master Cylinder Aluminum Castings

The Alcast Company aluminum foundry in Peoria Illinois USA produces brake calipers and master cylinders for various recreation vehicle, automotive, motorcycle, and bicycle markets with annual volumes of 500 to 500,000. The cast aluminum brake calipers and master cylinder aluminum castings we currently produce range from .16 pounds to 3.5 pounds.

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cast aluminum brake calipers and master cylinders
These are examples of our USA made aluminum castings used on a popular motorcycle brand and other recreational vehicles.
bicycle handle bar master cylinder aluminum castings
Here a Siamese shell core was used to produce these .16 pound bicycle handle bar master cylinder aluminum castings.
automotive master cylinder aluminum castings
This photo shows various American made automotive brake master cylinders produced with our low pressure permanent mold casting process in our aluminum foundry.
recreational vehicle brake calkipers and components
These are more examples of our recreational vehicle brake calipers and brake components.
6 piston trike brake caliper
These aluminum castings are the outside half of a 6 piston front brake caliper and are used on trikes.
small cast aluminum brake calipers
Here are some of the smaller recreational vehicle cast aluminum brake calipers made in our aluminum foundry.
motorcycle aluminum brake caliper castings
More motorcycle aluminum brake calipers made in the USA with our permanent mold aluminum casting process.

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