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Cast A356 Aluminum Valve Bodies and Hydrostatic Transmission Components

Alcast Company produces many valve body and hydrostatic transmission components using our ELECTRO-MAGNETIC low pressure permanent / semi permanent mold aluminum casting process from our A356 aluminum alloy. Our proprietary process along with our high quality shell sand cores can produce high quality, American made, leak free and porosity free castings with complex internal passageways.

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hydrostatic transmission aluminum castings
Here you can see one of our large high quality hydrostatic transmission components in both the raw A356 aluminum casting, and machined and painted casting
cast aluminum valve bodies
We produce many sizes and styles of American made cast aluminum valve bodies, many of which are used in transmissions, hydraulics, pumps, etc. These valve bodies may also be cored to produce complex internal passage ways.
hydrostatic transmission manifold and filter cap
These are samples of a hydrostatic transmission valve body and filter cap assembly. These particular A356 aluminum castings are not cored, all ports are machined.
hydro static transmission cored casting
This 3.75lb hydro static transmission valve body casting is made using a 3 piece shell sand core assembly to produce more complex internal passage ways.
permanent mold porosity free aluminum casting
Since we were approached to produce these A356 aluminum castings, our low pressure permanent mold process has delivered porosity free castings, requiring no impregnation.
semi permanent mold porosity free aluminum casting
Alcast produces these high quality castings porosity free without impregnation, where a previous foundry had high defect rates even with double impregnation.
porosity free cast aluminum vehicle control valve
Thanks to our low pressure electro magnetic bottom fill permanent mold process, a high quality porosity-free vehicle control valve A356 aluminum casting was delivered at a 66% cost savings to the customer!

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