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Alcast Company's High Quality Aluminum Foundry in Peoria, Illinois, USA

Alcast Company of Peoria, Illinois USA was founded in 1970 and is an IATF 16949:2016registered permanent mold aluminum foundry, supplier, and manufacturer of high quality American made permanent mold aluminum castings with over 200,000 square feet of manufacturing space. We currently supply aluminum castings up to 220 pounds in quantities of 10 to 400 and one pound castings with volumes exceeding 500,000 pieces per year. The Alcast Company facilities also include a full CNC machine shop; therefore, our castings can be machined, balanced, broached, shaped and more in house.

Alcast Company in Peoria, Illinois is a leading manufacturer of aluminum castings. Using Alcast's proprietary low pressure, bottom fill, ELECTRO-MAGNETIC, permanent molding machines provide very high integrity products. The aluminum foundry's casting machinery, along with much of its shell core machinery, is constructed and maintained internally. This not only provides a low cost structure for customers but also minimizes machine down time. This gives Alcast Company's aluminum foundry the added advantage of not only being experts on permanent mold aluminum castings, but also experts with the foundry equipment and processes used to produce them.

Alcast Company Permanent Mold Aluminum Castings Manufactured in Illinois Include:

  • Brake Calipers Aluminum Castings

    We manufacture many styles of high quality brake caliper castings for various recreational vehicles and motorcycles. Many of these cast aluminum brake calipers are; shot blasted for a natural matte finish, painted, or even chrome plated.

  • Alcast Company Master Cylinders

    Our aluminum foundry uses a the magic of ELECTRO-MAGNETIC forces in our permanent mold aluminum casting process to produce many high quality recreational vehicle and automotive brake master cylinders.

  • Torque Converters

    We designed our proprietary low pressure, bottom fill, ELECTRO-MAGNETIC, perm. mold casting process in Peoria, Illinois specifically to provide top quality aluminum torque converter castings. Using our proprietary shell core process we can provide exceptionally smooth surface finishes. Using segmented, helically drawn or single piece cores we can manufacture very exotic blade configurations for transmission components.

  • Industrial Fans, Hubs, Blowers, and Impellers

    The alum. foundry also supplies many components for industrial fans, blowers, and impellers including those with cast in steel studs.

  • Valve Bodies

    We manufacture many porosity free and leak free valve bodies in the aluminum foundry. These castings can be internally cored and can also be machined. Many of our cast aluminum valve bodies are used in hydrostatic transmissions in the lawn and garden and heavy equipment industries.

  • Tube and Steel Insert Castings

    Using both tilt pour and the proprietary ELECTRO-MAGNETIC, low pressure, aluminum casting processes we are highly experienced in manufacturing cast aluminum cooler plates with cast-in steel tubes. Steel inserts can also be cast into many of our products, such as bearing housings, cooler plates & housings, industrial fan blades, torque converters, and many more alum. castings.

  • And More Aluminum Castings

    We are highly experience in supplying a wide variety of cast aluminum products. If we do not currently cast parts similar to your application we are always ready for a new challenge!

Alcast Company ESOP (Employee Stock Ownership Plan)

Alcast Company is owned and operated by our employees in the USA through an ESOP. This is an added bonus not only to employees but also our customers. This is because all of our employees have a financial stake in ensuring customer satisfaction. Being an ESOP company, employees work to ensure the castings they are manufacturing are not only high quality, but of top quality!

Our Cast Aluminum Alloys

A356 & 355 Aluminum Castings

Alcast Company is primarily an A356 permanent mold aluminum foundry, but we have various applications cast with aluminum alloy 355. Feel free to Contact Us to see if we can help meet your A356 or 355 aluminum casting needs.

Sand Castings of Various Aluminum Alloys from
Aluminum Castings Company

Our subsidiary ACC pours sand castings in various aluminum alloys which can be heat treated and/or machined in our aluminum foundry. These alloys include:

Aluminum Alloy 355

355 uses copper to greatly improve its strength over the more common alum. alloy A356. The 355 aluminum alloy is great for pressure tight applications and the alloy also maintains its strength at higher temperatures.

Aluminum Alloy A356

This alloy has higher strength and ductility than 356 because the levels of impurities are lower. A356 aluminum castings cost a little more but are great for machine parts, chassis parts, along with other structural parts requiring high strength or pressure tightness.

Alum. Alloy 356

356 has excellent casting characteristics and corrosion resistance along with good machinability and weldability. Common products manufactured from sand cast alum. alloy 356 include transmission cases, flywheel housings, oil pans, brackets along with various fittings and pump bodies.

Almag 35 (Alloy 535)

The aluminum alloy 535, better known as Almag 35 is a light weight high strength alum. magnesium alloy that doesn't require heat treatment. Almag 35 offers excellent corrosion resistance, machines well and is also dimensionally stable making it great for products such as instruments or marine alum. sand castings amongst other uses.

Tenzaloy 713

As-cast physical properties of are equivalent to the heat-treated 300 series alum. alloys providing a cost savings because heat treatment is not necessary. Tenzaloy is a viable choice for frames, levers and brackets where impact strength or load bearing is required in the aluminum casting.

Aluminum Alloy 319

319 contains around 6% Si and 3.5% copper and is often used for general low cost uses because of its excellent casting and machining characteristics. The 319 sand cast alloy offers very good weldability, pressure tightness, and corrosion resistance making it a great alum. alloy to use for engine components, oil pans, crankcases, gas and oil tanks etc.

Alum. Alloy 771

Alum. sand casting alloy 771 offers high strength and shock resistance without the need for heat-treatment. The 771 aluminum alloy offers good castability, machinability, and corrosion resistance.

Al Alloy 850

Alloy 850 is an alum.-tin alloy often used for bearing applications. 850 alloys are often used in bearing applications where low friction and low cost along with compressive strength, fatigue strength and corrosion resistance is important. Cast aluminum 850 alloy castings are often used for connecting rods, engine bearings, hydraulic pumps, and along with many other automotive and industrial applications.

Our A356 Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting & Machine Shop Engineering

Alcast Company can provide engineering services through all the steps of our A356 permanent mold aluminum casting process. These engineering services can range from; casting design, tooling design, Prototyping, capability, CNC machining, and more!

Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting Simulation

Information and videos of our permanent mold aluminum casting simulation software coming soon!

Engineering Design Support & Project Management

Our engineering department works closely with your engineering and purchasing personnel to provide the most cost effective A356 permanent mold aluminum casting design. Additionally, we only use pattern shops with the most up-to-date technology to ensure high quality, accurate tooling in the shortest possible time.

Our team of engineers and tooling sources pride themselves on bringing A356 aluminum castings from concept to production faster than anyone in the industry! The use of Advance Quality Planning methodologies ensures a smooth start-up with no surprises.

We can review and quote your project via electronic files, blueprints, or will be happy to work with your engineers at your facility.

Contact our engineering manager via our Contact Us page to find out how we can help you, or send us a RFQ.

Prototyping & Engineering

Alcast Company uses the latest technology to provide rapid prototype models, prototype tooling, and sample A356 aluminum castings from our permanent mold aluminum foundry and machine shop. Using inexpensive mild steel prototype molds, we can provide sample aluminum castings from our proprietary permanent mold aluminum casting process to help develop your project. These molds can be modified quickly and easily as your design evolves.

Additionally, with our network of suppliers, we can provide LOM and wax models to aid in the design process

Engineering & Design Capability

With up-front engineering and innovation, we can usually exceed industry standards such as the Aluminum Association Standard for Permanent Mold on tolerances and process capability. Combining our shell sand core technology with our A356 permanent mold aluminum casting process and precision CNC machine shop gives you even more options in complex geometry and low draft areas.

CNC Machine Shop Engineering

Alcast Company also has a team of Engineers in our full CNC machine shop who can design CNC tooling and write programs for precision machined A356 permanent mold aluminum castings.

CAD Platforms

Our engineering department uses both Pro-E Wildfire and Auto CAD to produce high quality A356 aluminum castings for the customer. At Alcast we can also import and export a wide variety of file formats.

Aluminum Foundry Value Added Services

The Alcast Company aluminum foundry offers several internal value added services for its aluminum castings including trimming, shot blasting, leak testing, Heat Treatment, CNC Machining, assembly and more. This will lower our customers overall cost by having these operations done at one location. In addition, Alcast Company can coordinate several external services such as painting or anodizing.

Please click on the categories to the right to further explore our many value added services!

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