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Aluminum Casting CNC Machine Shop

With the CNC aluminum casting machining division at the Alcast Company aluminum foundry, we can provide single source support for machined aluminum castings at the lowest overall cost. When you combine our expertise in A356 castings with our extensive capability in turning, vertical milling, broaching, balancing, and gear tooth shaping, we can provide the highest quality finished machined castings.

aluminum foundry horizontal CNC lathe

Aluminum Foundry's CNC Lathes

Our machine shop in the aluminum foundry includes 6 horizontal CNC lathes of various sizes and 1 vertical CNC lathe which are currently used to turn castings up to 24 inches in diameter. The lathes are used mostly for turning the impellers and stators for torque converters along with other blowers and round castings.

aluminum casting cnc deflash lathe

The CNC lathe to the right is mostly dedicated to deflashing some aluminum castings. Many castings produced using segmented shell sand cores have a large amount of excess flash that must be removed from the casting. This can be a labor intensive job when done by hand, and by automating the removal of the flash we can provide more competitive prices for finished products.

verticle cnc lathe for turning

Our CNC machine shop now also includes a large vertical CNC lathe to further meet the demand for larger and more complex machined aluminum castings.

Aluminum foundry CNC verticle machining center

Aluminum Casting CNC Machining Centers

Our CNC machine shop also includes 3 vertical and 2 horizontal CNC machining centers which are commonly used to finish cast aluminum valve bodies, tubes and covers.

casting CNC machining center

Many aluminum castings for the aluminum foundry require more than one step in the machining process, such as these cast alum. torque converters that were first turned on a CNC lathe and then later drilled and tapped on this vertical CNC machining center.

Aluminum Foundry Horizontal CNC Machining Center

A newer addition to the shop is two horizontal CNC machining centers which adds many more options to your machined aluminum casting needs.

aluminum foundrys aluminum casting broach

Broaching and Gear Shaping

We also provide broaching services, an internal broaching machine is used to cut gear teeth or splines on the inside bore of the casting. The broaching machine pulls a toothed cutting tool, called a broach bar, through the inside bore of the casting. This cuts the internal teeth in one pass making it a very efficient process.

broached casting with internal gear teeth

This is an example of one of a transmission component from the aluminum foundry that has been broached with internal splines.

aluminum casting gear shaper machine

In addition to broaching we also offer gear shaping services of aluminum castings. This process is often used on castings where the teeth of the bore do not go all the way through the part such as the casting shown below.

shaped aluminum casting from CNC machine shop

machined aluminum casting balancer

Aluminum Casting Balancing

Three balancing stations compliment our shop, including a large capacity balancer. Many castings are balanced to insure they run smoothly on the finished product.

machined aluminum casting parts washer

Parts Washing

Using 2 parts washers we also offer parts washing services to insure no coolant residue is left on the parts from the machining processes.

Leak Testing

We can also provide in house leak testing of many of our machined aluminum castings including valve bodies, covers, housings, and more.

assembly of balanced and machined aluminum casting

Assembly of Finished Aluminum Castings

We can also provide assembly of our machined aluminum castings such as this casting that we heat shrunk a steel ring gear on to the outer diameter.

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