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Cast Aluminum Blowers, Fans, Fan Blades, Hubs, and Impellers

Our aluminum foundry manufactures many ventilation components for industrial, agricultural, and transportation fans and blowers using our high strength A356 Aluminum Alloy. These include cast aluminum centrifugal fans & blowers, axial fans & blowers, aluminum fan blades, fan hubs, impellers and more high quality ventilation components!

Cast Aluminum hubs are produced in our aluminum foundry ranging from 6 pounds to 170 pounds and from 14 inches to over 30 inches in diameter. The cast aluminum fan blades that we manufacture range from 2 pounds to over 5 pounds and from 14 inches long to over 26 inches in length. Many of our cast aluminum ventilation products can also be produced with cast in studs and inserts, such as with our aluminum fan blade castings.

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cast aluminum diesel electric cooling fan
This large cast A356 aluminum centrifugal blower is used in the transportation industry for cooling on diesel electric locomotives.
permanent mold cast aluminum blower
Using our low pressure permanent mold aluminum casting process we produce this large blower with no sand cores.
cast aluminum fan blades
We a wide variety of A356 cast aluminum fan blades, most with threaded steel stud inserts cast in them, which are often used for industrial ventilation applications
cast aluminum blower impeller with stainless steel insert
This blower impeller aluminum casting has a stainless steel insert that is heat shrunk into the casting after machining.
cast aluminum agricultural blower
Using a shell sand core we make these shallow, thin walled cast aluminum blowers for the agricultural industry.
large fan hub aluminum casting
We also produce many different sizes and styles of fan hub castings for the above fan blades and other ventilation applications.

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