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Cast Iron, Steel, & Stainless Tube and Insert Permanent Mold & Tilt Pour Aluminum Castings

The Alcast aluminum foundry is highly experience at producing aluminum castings with cast in steel and stainless steel tubes along with steel, cast iron, and stainless steel inserts using both our electro magnetic bottom fill low pressure permanent mold aluminum casting process, and our tilt pour aluminum casting process.

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cast in steel stud insert aluminum fan blades
Our cast aluminum fan blades have threaded steel stud inserts cast into the base of the blade using our low pressure permanent mold aluminum casting process. These cast in steel inserts are later used to mount them to the hub.
tilt pour cast in tube insert casting
We are highly experienced in producing cast aluminum cooler plates with cast-in steel tubes using our tilt pour aluminum casting process.
aluminum gear selector with steel insert
This is a low pressure permanent mold aluminum gear selector casting using a cast in steel insert for a handle. The steel insert is placed in the mold just before casting the part, creating a permanent handle which requires no assembly.
anodised aluminum retarder casting with cast iron insert
This retarder aluminum casting is produced with a large cast iron insert in the center on our upright casting machines and the aluminum is later anodized.
cast iron insert cast in retarder aluminum casting
Aluminum Retarder castings are also produced with smaller cast iron inserts and helically drawn shell cores in our aluminum foundry.
tilt poured aluminum cooler plate with cast in tubes
Various aluminum housings and plates used to house and cool on board engine computers have cast in steel and stainless steel tubes using our tilt pour process.
heat shrunk stainless steel insert in cast aluminum impeller
This impeller or blower aluminum casting has a stainless steel insert that is heat shrunk into the casting after machining.
cast aluminum electronic cooling module with tube inserts
This cast aluminum electronic cooling module that houses computer components also has a tube insert cast in during the tilt pour process.
bearing housing with cast in steel insert
These bearing housings are cast with a steel insert in the center, and use sliding steel cores to form the pockets on the sides.

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