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ELECTRO-MAGNETIC, Low Pressure, Semi Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting

Semi Permanent Mold Aluminum Foundry

Alcast's Low Pressure Semi Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting Process also uses the magic of ELECTRO-MAGNETICS. It is a refined process that has been practiced for over 30 years in our aluminum foundry! This type of casting incorporates a sand core in the design of the part. This allows an engineer designing the part to incorporate hollows, undercuts, and negative draft into the product. These features would not be possible with basic perm. mold aluminum castings. We manufacture shell sand cores right on sight as an internal value added service. Incorporating shell cores into your design give you endless possibilities!

Semi Permanent Mold Features

  • On site Shell Core Manufacturing
  • Hollow Castings
  • Manage Undercuts
  • Negative and Zero Draft Ability
  • Simple to Complex Cores
  • 4 Redford 16's
  • 1 Redford 22
  • 2 Redford 43's
  • 1 Harrison 1818
  • 12 Proprietary Machines
Harrison 1818 producing shell sand cores

Transmission Semi Permanent Mold Aluminum Castings

Semi Permanent Mold Benefits

  • Endless Design Possibilities
  • Lighter Parts per Hollow
  • Complex Becomes Simple
  • Convert Sand Castings
  • 30 Years Experience
  • High Quality Shell Sand Cores

What is Semi Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting?

Semi Perm. Mold Alum. Casting is very similar to the low pressure, perm. mold process used at Alcast, with just one exception. Our expendable shell cores are used in conjunction with the mold. One sand cores, multiple cores, or an assembly of cores are inserted into the mold before casting and will later be sand blasted or baked out before or during the heat treating process.

This casting process allows for much more complex aluminum castings to be produced in our alum. foundry, such as: torque converters, valve bodies, blowers, and more. We are also still able to provide exceptionally smooth surface finishes using this process because of the shell sand core process Alcast uses.

Shell Sand Cores

One reason Alcast Company is able to routinely produce complex aluminum castings that other foundries find difficult is our willingness to take the extra steps needed to ensure quality. An example is our use of very fine sand in our shell sand cores, which results in a completed casting that exceeds surface specifications and requires less post finishing.

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Proprietary Semi Permanent Mold shell Core Machine

Complex Semi Permanent Mold Aluminum Castings using shell cores

High Quality Shell Sand Cores for Aluminum Castings

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