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Misc, Marine, & Automotive Permanent Mold & Tilt Pour Aluminum Castings

If you don't see your specific type of casting in our gallery, feel free to Contact Us to see how we can meet your aluminum casting needs. Our ELECTRO-MAGNETIC casting processes allow us to produce aluminum castings in a wide range of shapes, sizes, types, and weights for various applications, including marine and aluminum automotive castings. If our low pressure permanent mold aluminum casting process or tilt pour casting process doesn't fit your needs our subsidiary Aluminum Castings Corp., a sand mold aluminum foundry, or Alcast Company Midwest Works LLC (formerly FALC), an aluminum sand and permanent mold foundry, may be able to help you out.

Click the thumbnails below for more information and a larger picture of the high quality, American made aluminum castings you are interested in.

If you have any questions about our castings, or processes please feel free to call us at (309) 691-5513, visit our Contact Us page, or to have your aluminum casting project quoted please fill out our RFQ Form.

large permanent mold aluminum casting for marine industry
This large permanent mold aluminum casting is made in our aluminum foundry for the marine / fishing industry and weights about 220 pounds, and is 41 inches in diameter.
large marine permanent mold aluminum casting
This large permanent mold aluminum casting is made for the marine market. Two castings make up this 30" diameter sphere which is used for marine industry.
large permanent mold cast aluminum tool
These large and complex permanent mold aluminum castings weight in at about 100lbs each and are about 18" tall and 18" in diameter. These large castings are manufactured for a large automated conduit bending tool.
large permanent mold refrigeration aluminum casting
Our permanent mold aluminum foundry manufactures these large complex aluminum castings for the refrigeration market. These castings weight about 70lbs each and are around 20" in diameter and 10" tall.
permanent mold cast aluminum wheel centers
These are three sizes of one of the styles of the cast aluminum wheel center inserts that we produce in our aluminum foundry. This is an alternative and more cost effective way of producing aluminum automotive wheels compared to billet.
lonewolf cast aluminum tree stands
We produce the platform and seat castings for the USA made Lone Wolf tree stands. The platforms are produced on our tilt pour aluminum casting machines, while the smaller seat platforms are made on our low pressure permanent mold casting machines.
wheel center aluminum castings
The wheel center aluminum castings are shipped to the customer where they are machined, welded into the hoops, and polished to a mirror finish or powder coated.
cast aluminum bearing housings
These cast aluminum bearings housings are made using our permanent molding process, with sliding steel cores to make the pockets in the sides of the housing.
cast aluminum fined dampener plate
This is a 30 inch diameter fully machined aluminum damper casting manufactured using one of our high quality shell sand cores in our aluminum foundry
cast aluminum impeller blower and piston ring
The upper aluminum casting is a fully machined cast blower impeller with a shrink fit stainless steel insert installed in the center of the casting at our facility. The lower product is a cast aluminum piston ring.
automotive suspension aluminum castings
These are two of the automotive suspension aluminum castings that we produce with our low pressure permanent mold casting process.
large air set no bake sand casting fully machined
This large aluminum casting was made by our affiliate Aluminum Castings Corp. using a no bake, or air set sand mold, and then heat treated and machined in the Alcast Company machine shop
differential bracket casting
Here we have a raw cast aluminum differential bracket for the automotive industry.
a356 cast aluminum pottery wheel
These high quality A356 castings are wheels manufactured for pottery wheels and are required to be porosity free.
anodized retarder aluminum casting
This is an example of an aluminum retarder casting produced with an helically drawn shell sand core, and a cast iron insert.
helically drawn shell core retarder casting
Another example of an retarder using a helically draw shell core and insert, and the aluminum casting was later anodized.

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