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Alcast Company Permanent Mold Aluminum Foundry History

Alcast Company is a permanent mold aluminum casting manufacturer in Peoria IL and was founded in 1970 by William A. and Marilyn L. Mitchener. Prior to founding the company, Mr. Mitchener was a General Manager at National Aluminum Manufacturing Company. In 1971, Michael W. Laukitis, who previously ran R.H. Eggers Company, a die casting company located in Cleveland Ohio, joined Alcast Company.

Early on in its history, Alcast Company operated out of a small leased facility and its main product was a sandwich cooker. The company then concentrating its efforts on cast aluminum torque converters. Prior to 1982, Alcast became dependant on one large customer. Consequently, when this customer went on strike in 1982 and 1983, Alcast Company's revenue was adversely affected. Since then, the aluminum foundry has grown considerably, and presently supplies a variety of aluminum castings to a more diverse customer base and also has a full CNC machine shop. Alcast Company uses a proprietary low pressure, permanent mold casting process which produces a very high quality product.

Alcast Company's process is an ELECTRO-MAGNETIC, bottom-fill, low pressure, permanent mold, aluminum casting process, which minimizes the occurrence of oxidation in the casting process. This reduces much of the variation in the molding, and thus produces porosity-free castings, which are less likely to crack, warp or leak under pressure. Alcast Company builds the electro-magnetic casting machines internally.

Management's philosophy is to provide the highest quality aluminum castings to producers of high quality products. Alcast Company became a QS9000 registered company in 2001 and later ISO / TS 16949 registered. Continuous improvement is a way of life at Alcast Company!

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Alcast Company Aluminum Foundry History

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