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ELECTRO-MAGNETIC, Low Pressure, Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting

Permanent Mold Aluminum Foundry

The permanent mold aluminum casting process process our aluminum foundry uses is an ELECTRO-MAGNETIC, low pressure, bottom fill process that is proprietary and only found in our foundry! Our casting techniques remove much of the typical margin for error or variation in the aluminum casting process. Through our electric melting, temperature monitoring, triple filtration, and unique ELECTRO-MAGNETIC metal delivery system; oxides are filtered out and the metal entry turbulence commonly found in traditional tilt pour or static pour aluminum foundries is eliminated. This manufacturing process produces castings with the lowest porosity ratio that are less likely to crack or warp. Since this is an automated and controlled process, we can ensure consistent results!

Permanent Mold Aluminum Foundry Features

  • 2000lbs holding furnace
  • Electro-Magnetic delivery system
  • Electric melting up to 600lbs/hr.
  • Argon cleaning & degassing
  • Triple ceramic filtration
  • Four temp. control zones
  • Continuous feed gate/riser
  • Moderate tooling costs
Electro-magnetic Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting Machines in Foundry

Low Pressure Bottom Fill Aluminum Casting Scale Models

Permanent Mold, Bottom Fill Benefits

  • Proprietary only to our foundry
  • Tranquil metal entry
  • Little to no weight limits
  • Excellent surface finish
  • Minimized shrink porosity
  • Low & high volume EAU
  • Excellent integrity
  • Complex shapes
  • Pressure Tightness

What is Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting?

In the permanent mold aluminum casting manufacturing process a reusable metal mold is used in place of an expendable sand mold. The mold is coated with various refractory paints to protect it from the molten aluminum and also helps to control solidification.

Using our proprietary alum. foundry machinery the molds are held closed hydraulically with over 20,000 pounds of force during the casting process. Then using our ELECTRO-MAGNETIC, low pressure, bottom fill, process the mold is filled from the bottom for a pre-determined amount of time, and the alum. casting is then allowed to solidify before being removed from the mold. In our foundry we use this process to manufacture torque converters, fan blades, brake calipers, valve bodies, master cylinders, cast aluminum wheels, blowers, and more.

Permanent Mold Steel Cores

Reusable steel cores can also be added to our perm. mold alum. casting process to manufacture more complex parts. We use hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders to insert reusable steel cores before casting the part and to remove them before ejecting the casting from the mold. Using these reusable steel cores allows us to manufacture more complex: brake calipers, master cylinders, bearing housings, and more.


Using our ELECTRO-MAGNETIC, bottom fill, low pressure process we are able to manufacture products with: high quality, high precision, virtually no porosity, and smooth surface finishes. Due to the smooth surface finish, castings from the our alum. foundry can be ideal for chrome plating, painting, or shot blasting for a attractive finish.

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Low Pressure, Permanent Mold Aluminum Foundry casting equipment

Bottom Fill Aluminum Casting for ventilation

Large Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting from Low Pressure Aluminum Foundry

Steel Core Permanent Mold Aluminum Castings for bearings

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