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A356 Hydrostatic Transmission Valve Body Manifold & Filter Cap Aluminum Castings

The A356 aluminum castings below are samples of a valve body and filter cap assembly manufactured in our A356 aluminum foundry, in both the raw casting and fully machined states. This particular cast aluminum valve body is not cored, as all ports are machined. The cast aluminum manifold and filter cover, which are used in hydrostatic transmissions, weight 1.2 lbs. and 0.3 lbs, respectively. The filter cap aluminum casting also has a steel stud assembled into it, this assembly is done in by Alcast after machining is finished. Our aluminum foundry has vast experience manufacturing aluminum castings that require pressure tight features such as hydraulic components, brake calipers, torque converter components, manifolds, valve bodies, etc.

raw and machined hydrostatic manifold and filter cap aluminum castings

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