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Permanent Mold Tilt Pour Aluminum Casting Machine

Alcast Company Remanufactures its 1st Permanent Mold Tilt Pour Aluminum Casting Machine

1973 Alcast Tilt Pour Machine 2015 Alcast Tilt Pour Machine

In 1973 Alcast Company built its very first permanent mold tilt pour aluminum casting machine as seen above on the left. For over 40 years this tilt pour has been reliably producing high quality aluminum castings with just a few updates and general preventive maintenance. Over the years several smaller versions of this casting machine have also been built and used in our tilt pour aluminum foundry, but they were eventually replaced by our current electro magnetic, low pressure, permanent mold, bottom fill, aluminum casting machines.

Tilt Pour Aluminum Foundry

This tilt pour machine has continued to be used for some larger parts, cooling plates, electrical enclosures, along with other aluminum castings and has stood the test of time! In fact in 2011 a slightly updated version of this tilt pour was built to expand the tilt pour casting capabilities of our aluminum foundry.

In May of 2015 Alcast Company finished a complete remanufacture and update of this machine, our very first tilt pour! Some of the updates include larger hydraulic cylinders to provide greater clamping force for large molds, and an advanced high purity synthetic furnace lining refractory to increase service life. With our dedication to preventative maintenance and desire to keep our equipment in top shape, this tilt pour will continue to server our foundry and easily be producing high quality aluminum castings for the next 40 years!

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