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A356 Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting & Machine Shop Engineering

Alcast Company can provide engineering services through all the steps of our A356 permanent mold aluminum casting process. These engineering services can range from; casting design, tooling design, Prototyping, capability, CNC machining, and more!

Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting Simulation

Information and videos of our permanent mold aluminum casting simulation software coming soon!

Engineering Design Support & Project Management

Our engineering department works closely with your engineering and purchasing personnel to provide the most cost effective A356 permanent mold aluminum casting design. Additionally, we only use pattern shops with the most up-to-date technology to ensure high quality, accurate tooling in the shortest possible time.

Our team of engineers and tooling sources pride themselves on bringing A356 aluminum castings from concept to production faster than anyone in the industry! The use of Advance Quality Planning methodologies ensures a smooth start-up with no surprises.

We can review and quote your project via electronic files, blueprints, or will be happy to work with your engineers at your facility.

Contact our engineering manager via our Contact Us page to find out how we can help you, or send us a RFQ.

Prototyping & Engineering

Alcast Company uses the latest technology to provide rapid prototype models, prototype tooling, and sample A356 aluminum castings from our permanent mold aluminum foundry and machine shop. Using inexpensive mild steel prototype molds, we can provide sample aluminum castings from our proprietary permanent mold aluminum casting process to help develop your project. These molds can be modified quickly and easily as your design evolves.

Additionally, with our network of suppliers, we can provide LOM and wax models to aid in the design process

Engineering & Design Capability

With up-front engineering and innovation, we can usually exceed industry standards such as the Aluminum Association Standard for Permanent Mold on tolerances and process capability. Combining our shell sand core technology with our A356 permanent mold aluminum casting process and precision CNC machine shop gives you even more options in complex geometry and low draft areas.

CNC Machine Shop Engineering

Alcast Company also has a team of Engineers in our full CNC machine shop who can design CNC tooling and write programs for precision machined A356 permanent mold aluminum castings.

CAD Platforms

Our engineering department uses both Pro-E Wildfire and Auto CAD to produce high quality A356 aluminum castings for the customer. At Alcast we can also import and export a wide variety of file formats.

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Permanent Mold Aluminum Casting Engineering and Design

Aluminum Casting Designing and Engineering with Auto Cad and Pro E

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