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Hall Tilt Pour Permanent Mold Aluminum Foundry

The Hall tilt pour permanent mold aluminum casting process is a metal casting process that employs reusable molds, which are tilted to pour the aluminum into the mold cavity. General advantages of our various permanent mold processes are consistent surface finish, and consistent dimensional accuracy. Tooling is typically more costly than aluminum sand casting tooling, but produces a lower piece price.

Our Hall tilt pour aluminum foundry's permanent mold process can deliver high quality aluminum castings across an almost unlimited range of applications. We can cast your most simple or complex aluminum castings, ranging in weight from 1 to 100+ pounds using our Hall 3H and Hall 6H tilt pour aluminum casting machines. If you have a need for larger or more complex permanent mold aluminum castings check out our unique low pressure, bottom fill, ELECTRO-MAGNETIC casting process, where we are currently producing aluminum castings up to 220lbs!

Hall Tilt Pour Aluminum Foundry


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